Anticipatory Logistics High< 5 yearsPowered by big data-based predictive algorithms, anticipatory logistics enables logistics providers to significantly boost process efficiency and service quality by predicting demand before it occurs,  to achieve faster delivery times and enhanced capacity and network utilization.
Batch Size One Medium> 5 yearsIncreasing consumer demand for personalization could lead to the mass production of highly customized goods tailored to the individual, resulting in decentralized ‘batch size one’ production.This will require supply chains to adapt rapidly to changes in time and place of production.
Convenience Logistics Medium < 5 yearsOnline shoppers enjoy not just the price advantage of purchasing online, but also 24/7 availability and convenience. With increasing consumer trust in purchasing groceries and pharmaceuticals online, there is high demand for new cold-chain packaging and delivery solutions.
De-stressing the Supply Chain Medium < 5 yearsDe-stressing aims to reduce supply chain complexity by using the right mix of transportation modes to operate sustainably at lower cost with higher quality. For example, a tactical transportation

‘slow-down’ can balance the supply chain, cut storage costs, and even reduce the carbon footprint.

Fair & Responsible  Logistics Medium < 5 yearsThe intersection between the need to remain competitive and the need to increase sustainability has given way to a new strategy called fair and responsible logistics. Logistics providers can  meet these demands by providing new services that generate revenue while also improving the welfare of society and the environment.
Grey Power Logistics Medium > 5 years In five or more years’ time, the first wave of digital natives will enter the aged population segment.  Grey power logistics – the logistics for an aging society – will offer new services (e.g., home delivery of medicines) to answer the resulting challenges of this demographic development.
Logistics Marketplaces High > 5 yearsThe growing need for transparent, flexible and easily adjustable logistics services fosters the creation of disruptive digital brokerage platforms that match a variety of logistics demands with supply.  Such centralized marketplaces can provide visibility on the information, rates, and services of  different logistics providers.
Multi-purpose NetworksLow  < 5 years Multi-purpose networks refer to the utilization of standard, existing networks and city  infrastructure to transport and store goods, especially those that are temperature-sensitive.

This is enabled by innovations in transportation, packaging, and real-time supply chain monitoring.

Omni-channel Logistics High < 5 yearsThe next generation of retail requires logistics networks tailored to the needs of each single channel. This will require logistics providers to maintain an integrated view of all customer channels and inventory, along with dynamic delivery and fulfillment options and seamless customer service interactions.
On-demand Delivery High < 5 yearsDelivery is no longer owned by larger players who set limitations on delivery times and locations. New on-demand last-mile delivery concepts utilize the power of the crowd and flexible courier workforces to enable customers to have their purchase delivered when they need it, where they need it.
Shareconomy Logistics Medium< 5 yearsThe societal shift from ownership to asset sharing has been one of the most ground-breaking trends in recent years. Everything from cars to driveways can now be shared on platforms. Besides facilitating these new peer-to-peer sharing networks, logistics providers can also  share their existing resources to become more cost- and time-efficient.
Smart Energy Logistics Medium < 5 yearsThe increasing shift towards renewable energy sources is propelling the adoption of electric mobility solutions in logistics. It also provides opportunities for logistics solutions that facilitate new energy supply chains. Innovative energy harvesting, storage and distribution concepts can also be leveraged to reduce reliance on the grid.
Supergrid Logistics High > 5 years Going beyond 4PL logistics, supergrid logistics will bring up a new generation of logistics companies with primary focus on the orchestration of global supply chain networks that integrate swarms of different production enterprises and logistics providers.
Tube Logistics Low> 5 years Propelled by technological progress in driving systems and growing congestion in megacities, there is renewed interest in the use of existing and new tube infrastructures for cargo  transportation. New innovations such as the Hyperloop could one day provide rapid cargo  transit networks within and between cities.

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